A legal lawyer drafted Will is absolutely recommended in many circumstances, including situations where you are:

  • about to be married
  • separated or are in the process of getting divorced
  • the owner of a large, complex estate
  • very old or suffering from mental or physical disabilities
  • not of legal age
  • born or married under a community property system (Quebec) 
  • involved in a common-law or same-sex relationship
  • the parent of a child or children born out of wedlock whom you are not supporting
  • residing in a province or country in which you are unsure of the regulations (different jurisdictions have different rules regarding the validity of wills)
  • the owner of real estate outside the province or country of residence
  • disinheriting a child or spouse
  • concerned or unsure about the particulars of your will
  • don't want to take and want to make sure that your wishes are carried out through a properly drafted legal will. 

Some people can prepare their own wills without the cost of retaining a lawyer.  Given the importance of the document, and given the modest cost involved, why take a chance?  We have been helping people get the peace of mind they deserve since 1984.

Orlando Santos  B.A. LL.B. M.B.A. J.D. Lawyer Notary Public

Orlando Santos 

B.A. LL.B. M.B.A. J.D.


Notary Public



The main reason is to make sure that those you love are protected, and:


  • to ensure that your bequests (gifts) are passed on to the proper person(s)
  • to avoid leaving your relatives with costly paperwork and lawsuits after your death
  • to allow you to choose appropriate individual as your children(s) guardians
  • to prevent your estate from going to the provincial or federal government; and  
  • to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. 



These are not the only considerations in deciding on a lawyer drafted Will.  

Preparing a will that properly and adequately sets out your testamentary wishes is not a simple task and the problems that can arise if it is not done properly can result in significant expense for your estate, and the beneficiaries for whom you're actually planning to provide.

Did you know

that in certain circumstances the law enables some relatives such as a spouse or child to claim a greater provision out of a deceased estate than has been stated in the will?  We can prepare your legal will so as to best reduce the possibility of such a claim saving your estate the cost of an expensive legal dispute.  

Dying intestate (not leaving a Will) 


would cause those who will have to deal with your affairs a lot of problems, because they may not be sure of how you want your estate distributed after your death. They will be obliged by law to deal with the estate and distribute it in a particular way, which may not be what you would have chosen. Disputes over Wills can drive families apart and may need a lawyer to resolve them. Leaving a Will removes any doubt about to whom you want to leave your money and property. If you do not take professional advice about how best to plan your financial affairs before your death, and leave a properly drafted will, it is possible that some of your estate will go to the Government in unnecessary tax. 

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A properly drafted legal Will can avoid all of these problems.



$349.00:  Two Living Will Directives (Personal Care and Property) + One Will (3 documents)


$549.00:  Two Living Will Directives (Personal Care and Property) + Two Wills (4 documents)

(husband and wife)

$199.00:  One Will (1 document)


 We reserve the right to adjust prices to reflect complexity and time expended.

The key to ensuring that your wishes are respected lies in a well crafted Will.  We can help.   This is a complete Will and Living Will solution.

The key to ensuring that your wishes are respected lies in a well crafted Will.  We can help.  

This is a complete Will and Living Will solution.

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Personal care and attention is at the heart of our service:

  • we meet with you to review your formal instructions and obtain a clear idea of the nature of your assets and the best way to ensure that your wishes are carefully reflected in the Last Will and Testament;
  • we meet with you to formally sign all documents, and duly certify them;
  • we provide you with a full report and all original documents for your safekeeping.
  • we attend to a comprehensive review of your affairs.

The basic Will solution is suitable for most people.

The basic Will solution can significantly minimize the burden of administering and estate.  Our basic will package is specifically geared to the following situations:

  • your heirs are your spouse and your children;
  •  the children are over the age of majority (no legal guardian required);
  • you name one guardian if your children are minors;
  •  your children are your executors and trustees (with one alternate);
  • your children are your continuing power of attorney trustees ("living wills"); and 
  • the value of your estate (net of debts) is less than $500,000.

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Modest deviation from these conditions are allowed.  This structure is suitable for the vast majority of our clients.  

Will and Living Wills.

While we use the expression "basic will", in fact the $349 price includes the basic Will and two Living Wills. The basic Will for $349 comes in a package that includes the following:

  • one Will;
  •  one Power of Attorney for Property (the "Living Will");
  • one Power of Attorney for Personal Care each (the "Living Will").

In all cases you will have at least one meeting with our Wills and Estate professionals and the lawyer.

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You will be able to give us your formal instructions, and upon a review of your overall situation, we will mutually determine  the best and most effective way forward. We offer a combined over 70 years of Private Wealth Management and Legal Experience to ensure that your Last Will and Testament is the best it can be, and meets the needs of your estate and your intended heirs.

After I write my will, what do I do?

It is not necessary to have a lawyer or other official sign your will.  It is however strongly recommended that the will be prepared by a lawyer to ensure that all legal formalities are observed, and your wishes are carried out.  

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You do not have to “register” your will and you do not have to pay a lawyer to store it for you.  

Our practice is to give the original document to the client - to you - for safekeeping.




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